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See how we create our artisan made custom glass keepsakes

Our Artisan owned and operated Canadian business creates custom Cremation Pendants, Rings, Beads and Mourning Stones by incorporating your lost loved ones cremated ashes into the glass using an art form called lampworking. 


Hi! Thank you for visiting us at Full Circle Memory Beads. We are Melanie and Adam, the creators behind Full Circle Memory Beads, a business which grew through our passion for art, creating, and honoring our loved ones who have passed


Early in our relationship, a friend eagerly shared her love of lamp work with us; after an hour of playing with molten glass and an open flame we both knew we were hooked! We started off with a simple hot head torch and a few rods of colored glass, making small beads for ourselves and friends.


Fast forward a decade: We had 2 beautiful kids, 2 cats, and 2 crazy dogs that we love! We found ourselves watching the time pass with lightning speed as we raised our kids, managed two full time jobs, trying to make ends meet and feeling exhausted and uninspired.  We knew we had to make a change.  In our search for inspiration, we found a full lampwork studio for sale from a professional artist who had decided to retire.  Right away we knew what we needed back in our lives!  We invested in the equipment and incorporated our love of lamp work back into our lives.  


During this time, we had to say good bye to many of our beloved pets, family members and friends.  Through our grieving, we decided to incorporate the ashes of our loved ones into our beads; wearing the cremation jewelry and placing the beads in meaningful places.  The process of working with the ashes was so deeply gratifying.  Being able to keep our loved ones close, in the beauty of a bead truly helped us move through our grief and celebrate the lives of those we had lost.  Through sharing our experience of the cremation jewelry; friends and family started asking for us to do the same for them and their lost ones.  We were honored to be able to help others in this way, and thus Full Circle Memory Beads was born! 


We currently live in our home in rural Armstrong, BC with our two beautiful kids, three cats and a dog plus the many animals we foster. We are so happy to call Full Circle Memory Beads our full time profession and love getting to work alongside one another, helping others to remember and celebrate their lost loved ones through our art form. 


Please feel free to contact us with any questions we haven’t thought to touch on in our web site. We would love to hear from you! 

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