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How to place a keepsake order with us.



At Full Circle Memory Beads we create hand made, custom glass keepsakes and memorials with your loved one's ashes encased inside.

This company went above and beyond in helping us give our adult children beads before they returned to their homes across the country, in a time of utter devastation. I know they worked long and hard to make this happen in a very short time frame, and I am deeply grateful.

-K. Paterson


I cannot say enough wonderful things about Melanie and Adam. The compassion and respect they show through the entire process, and the truly beautiful and unique keepsake they created, truly helped me through the grieving process.  Their pieces are works of art, and they are simply wonderful humans.  Thank you!

-K. Cunningham

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Adam and Melanie ... two people who understand and honour grief and celebration. From the first email to receiving our lovely keepsakes, we were treated gently and patiently. The beauty and craftsmanship of our keepsakes brought tears to our eyes and immense joy to our hearts. The communication, the packaging, the artistry, and the follow up, all speak of this couples integrity, creativity, and care. Thank you ...


We create our ashes in glass cremation jewelry using an art form called lampworking. Long rods of glass are melted in an oxygen rich flame using a specialized torch. When the glass becomes molten it is wrapped around a stainless steel rod called a mandrel, which the bead is formed around. When the glass is in a liquid form it becomes sticky like a thick honey and it is when it is in this form that the ashes are added. A clear glass is then used to encase the ashes in the memorial jewelry.

We create ash pendants, memorial rings, keepsake pocket stones and  memorial knives as well as other ashes in glass designs.

Full Circle Ash Beads
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