Ordering Information

****At checkout please use the 'Notes' section to let us know if you will be sending more than one ash source. We will send you the appropriate number of bags. On the order form that we send in the ash collection kit you will need to write the name of your loved one next to the bead, pendant or stone which you would like the ashes to go into.

* Select and purchase your Cremation Keepsakes from the online store. If you are paying with PayPal or credit card your payment can be processed on our web site. If you are paying with e-transfer, cash or check please choose 'Manual Payment' at checkout. E-transfers can be sent to fullcirclememorybeads.com, checks can be made out to Melanie Anderson and mailed to us with the ashes.

* Receive a confirmation email from me that your order has been received.

* I will then send you a package via mail that contains:

            -A detailed order form which is used to accompany the ashes while being shipped back to me. Please look over this order form carefully to make sure all the information is correct such as products ordered and shipping information. Again, this form gets sent back to me with the ashes

              -A pre-labeled bag to place the ashes in. Written on this bag will be the amount of ashes needed to complete your specific order.

              -A self-addressed envelope to mail the package back to us. This envelope can be mailed to us using regular postage though with this regular postage you will not be able to track its progress. If you feel you would like a tracking number for your package so you can monitor its progress back to us, you can visit your nearest Canada Post location and ask for it to be shipped ‘Priority Express’. Full Circle Memory Beads is not responsible for the shipment of the ash collection package back to us though we are responsible for the safe shipment of your finished product back to you. If you have questions regarding the shipping of either the ash collection envelope or the finished product, please phone us at 250-308-9388 or email us at fullcirclememorybeads@gmail.com

* We need approximately one tablespoon of ashes to work with. This is enough  make multiple keepsakes.The exact amount required will be written on the bag you will put your ashes in.

You would then send me the order form and ashes via mail for your Memory Beads to be created!

* As soon as I receive the ash collection envelope from you I will email you to confirm that your package arrived safely and start creating your piece. Delivery time will be 4-6 weeks from the date I receive both the ashes and payment.

If you would like to pick up your completed keepsake order instead of having it mailed back to you our local pick up location is in the beautiful Armstrong Flower and Gift Shoppe. Click here to learn more about them and their amazing products! 

Armstrong Flower Shoppe

Armstrong Flower & Gift Shoppe