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Adam and Melanie ... two people who understand and honour grief and celebration. From the first email to receiving our lovely keepsakes, we were treated gently and patiently. The beauty and craftsmanship of our keepsakes brought tears to our eyes and immense joy to our hearts. The communication, the packaging, the artistry, and the follow up, all speak of this couples integrity, creativity, and care. Thank you ...



I entrusted FCMB with keepsake memory pieces for my mom, my sister and myself after losing my dad suddenly at a young age. I am very grateful to them for allowing people like myself to have a long-lasting piece of jewelry that has some of my dads ashes in them. These beautiful hand-crafted pieces are a wonderful way to keep a loved one close.

-B. Fowler

Full Circle Memory Beads

My wife and I each wear the beads we had created every day. There are no words to explain what it means to us to have these keepsakes close to us every day and how much we appreciate the care and love that went into making them.

-S. Kyte



Working with Mel was a bright spot in a very difficult time in my life. When my Mom passed away, I wanted to find a way to keep her close to me. Full Circle Memory Beads offers the perfect solution. The craftsmanship is beautiful and the presentation is simple but elegant. I wear my Mom’s ashes on a chain around my neck every single day. That way, she is always there when I need her.

-K. Riley

Ashes in glass keepsakes

This company went above and beyond in helping us give our adult children beads before they returned to their homes across the country, in a time of utter devastation. I know they worked long and hard to make this happen in a very short time frame, and I am deeply grateful.

-K. Paterson

Full Circle Memory Beads

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Melanie and Adam. The compassion and respect they show through the entire process, and the truly beautiful and unique keepsake they created, truly helped me through the grieving process.  Their pieces are works of art, and they are simply wonderful humans.  Thank you!

-K. Cunningham

Wonderful experience, great support and excellent customer service. Ordered the memory beads as a keepsake following the loss of someone very dear to the family. The beads are beautiful and I was very surprised at how little time it took before receipt. I had questions both before ordering and after receiving the beads. Melanie was incredible! Very prompt replies and always very professional and yet very kind and warm at the same time in all of her replies with helpful and thoughtful support. A 10 out of 10 experience from start to finish! Thank you to you both. Comforting to know that such good people share this planet we all inhabit.

-A. Canadian

Ashes in a ring
Glass Ash beads

First of all, I cannot thank you enough for our precious beads. The care and attention you showed to me went above and beyond any customer service I've experienced in my life. 


Upon receiving the beads, my daughter and I shared a meaningful moment thinking of her Gran. And that moment was created because of what you do for families who've lost loved ones. I'll wear my bead knowing it was made with so much care. My beautiful mother in law, Amy, was transferred and handled with so much respect and in an honorable way, it made this process a relief in the end. 


Thank you from the very bottom of my heart and my daughter's. We absolutely love our beads and will wear them knowing you took care of our loved one.

L. Crane

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