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FCMB operates solely online and does not have a store front for clients to visit. Due to insurance and business licensing limitations we are unable to have clients come to our studio.

About Us


Thank you for visiting us! We are Melanie and Adam, the creators behind Full Circle Memory Beads. 


We have been lampworking for over twenty years and during this time, we had to say good bye to many of our beloved pets, family members and friends. We decided to incorporate the ashes of our loved ones into our beads; wearing the cremation jewelry and placing the beads in meaningful places. Being able to keep our loved ones close, in the beauty of a bead truly helped us navigate out grief and celebrate the lives of those we had lost. 


Through sharing our experience of the cremation jewelry; friends and family started asking for us to do the same for them and their lost ones.  We were honored to be able to help others in this way, and thus Full Circle Memory Beads was born.


We currently live in our home in rural Armstrong, BC with our two beautiful kids, two cats, two dogs plus the many (many) animals we foster. 


Please feel free to contact us with any questions we haven’t thought to touch on in our web site. We would love to hear from you! 

Adam Smith and Melanie Anderson
Full Circle Memory Beads
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