CBC Radio North by Northwest

Visit us in our rural Armstrong BC studio as we walk you through how our Memory Beads are made as well as speak to the topic of grief in our North American culture. Aired February 28th 2018.

"There are no words to really describe the impact of the glass ash beads and what they have meant to us. Mel made these for our family following the passing of our Mom in 2016. We all got different colors, shapes and designs but the one key thing was they all contained a piece of our mom - a lady we all loved and appreciated so dearly.

Some family members chose to have her hanging in their kitchen  at the window and she is the glint on the kitchen walls when the morning sun lights her up. Others have her hanging from their rear view window in their car - so they take her on all their travels and adventures as they see the world. Me, I wear my mom every day around my neck.  When I miss her - I look up to the sky and grab my bead.  I am strangely comforted for I know and feel she is with me. I've even been stopped on the street by strangers who have been attracted to the bead.  They ask about it and I tell them the story.  I have been told - that that is the most amazing gift ever - to have and take my Mom with me wherever I am and wherever I go.  These strangers have leaned in to whisper in my ear - that they wished they could have had this same thing, this token, this piece of them, from somebody they had loved and lost.

So it is like having a part of my Mom's spirit with me - but in a physical form - that I can latch onto when the sad moments of remembering and missing her come.  I have had other people die in my life - but this is the first time - I have been able to actually access a part of them - whenever the feeling arises.  It is the greatest gift I ever given myself - having these beads made.  Even when I pass away, my mom will be with me then too.  Every day I feel calmer and stronger with that knowledge. It is really a phenomenal gift, having a part of my Mom with me - as I move through another day on the planet, without this person I loved so dearly....."

Cari Taylor

Victoria BC

We just received the memory beads and icicle you made for me and my family. THEY ARE BEAUTIFUL!!! You did such an amazing job words can’t express how happy we are with your designs. Thank you so much!! 


We just received the beads and earrings you have created for us. You have done a lovely job and we thank you for taking such good care of us. I am wearing mine already and feel so good to know that a part of Hudson is with me. 
You do an important service for people who are often in one of the worst moments of their life. I wanted something out of the ordinary for Hudson and you gave us that. 


I wanted to thank you for the beautiful keepsake of my Mom. I’ve been wearing it since it arrived on Monday and it has brought me a sense of peace. I feel better knowing that a part of her is always with me.


I received my order today and I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. These keepsakes mean the world to me and although we continue to carry him in our hearts we now also have these beautiful keepsake memories to wear.