These hand made memorial knives feature a 2.75" Damascus steel blade, walnut,  and brass hilt with a 13mm glass cremation bead inset. Total length approximately .6.5" long open, closed 4". Each knife comes with a hand stitched leather sheath.

The glass bead in the photo is 'Turquoise'. Choose your glass colour below. Colors shown are approximations and actual glass colours will vary.

Memorial Knives

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  • Grizzly Blade knives are hand-forged Damascus steel; pattern-welded in-house combining 1095 tool steel and 15N20 nickel tool steel. THESE KNIVES ARE MADE FROM CARBON TOOL STEEL AND REQUIRE EXTRA CARE TO PROTECT THEM FROM RUST.  Use will increase the contrast between high nickel 15N20 steel and the 1095 steel thus evolving the beauty of this handmade product.

    There is no warranty on the knife or any of it's parts, including the leather sheath. Though this knife is hand made with quality products, once we add the glass cremation bead it's intended use is as a special keepsake and should be treated as such. 

    Though there is no warranty on the knife itself, if ever the glass component of the knife is compromised we will absolutly repair it for you.