The beauty of the custom made glass Pearl encasing your loved one's ashes is accentuated by the smooth and bold silver ring setting which holds the pearl. The design of the glass pearl incorporates colour (blues and greens) and motion while magnifying your loved ones ashes. The Lotus ring is Artisan made with 925 silver and is designed to friction fit hold the glass Cremation Pearl (Don't worry! The glass can't fall out! See the video to watch how it fits).

Other sizes available. The length of time needed to custom order them may extend the time it takes to receive your keepsakes.

Gaia Lotus Keepsake Ring

  • The glass marble should fit very snuggly in the silver ring setting though over time the ring may relax slightly. If this is the case with your ring simply take your ring off and remove the glass marble by pushing it towards the center of the ring. Once the marble is out place the ring back onto your finger and GENTLY squeeze the silver cups together a tiny bit. Take the ring off your finger and pop the marble back into the ring (you may need to push firmly as the fit should be more snug). The marble only fits into the ring by inserting it from the INSIDE of the ring. Never try to insert it by pushing the marble in from the top of the ring.

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