How It's Made

We create our cremation jewelry using an art form called lampworking. Long rods of glass are melted in an oxygen rich flame using a specialized torch. When the glass becomes molten it is wrapped around a stainless steel rod called a mandrel, which the bead is formed around. When the glass is in a liquid form it becomes sticky like a thick honey and it is when it is in this form that the ashes are added. A clear glass is then used to encase the ashes in the bead.

Full Circle Memory Beads

Once the cremation jewelry is complete it is then placed into a kiln and annealed to ensure maximum strength and durability. Annealing is the process of cooling the glass down to room temperature very slowly over an eight hour period.

After annealing is complete the glass is removed from the kiln and the jewelry hardware is added. We then package the finished piece in our beautiful gift boxes and ship them, along with any remaining ashes to you.

Full Circle Memory Beads

We only ever work on one order at a time in our studio and focus 100% of our attention and energy on your cremation jewelry. Myself and Adam are the only people who will handle your loved ones ashes and take this responsibility and privilege very seriously.